Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Looking my age

I was sitting in the doctors office today for my usual checkup and was talking to someone that i sorta know (to say hello to), chatting away and it came up about age.

I know my whole life i have been told i look younger than i am but i thought i looked out of my 20's now.

This person told me that i looked around 28 years old, i laughed and told her i am 44, her first reaction was, where is your grey hair, i had to then point it out to her..

To me im sure i dont look 28 years old, i dont have the fresh looking skin i think younger people do have, or maybe its that women who are 28 look older who knows.

I have a joke i say to people at times when they tell me i look younger than i do,
"with the age defying cream that says it will let you look years younger, i better not use it or i may look 10"

Good to know that i dont look my age though


mom811 said...

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