Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My pet bird

I have a pet bird called Cello, he is a Cockatiel, for the past few weeks i have noticed that he needed to have his claws cut as when he is sitting on my shoulder they dig into me.

Talking to a friend last night he told me how i should hold the bird with a towel to cut his nails, i did it today but it was so horrible doing it. Poor Cello was flying around screaming at me for trying to catch him, i finally got him and covered his head so he couldn't bite me anymore and cut his claws a little bit, making sure i didn't cut down to far.

I think it was close to as stressful to him as it was to me, he is now sitting on my shoulder but is a little more subdued that he normally is, but i did get his nails cut and he dosent seem to hate me